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Patios are an excellent way of adding an extra outside space to your home.

Laying a patio can help create an al fresco dining area which can be enjoyed by all the family. Different patio solutions are available, all of which we can discuss with you to ensure you have the patio style that best suits your needs.

No patio is too big or small for us, whatever your space, we're positive we can create a patio solution for you. We can advise on the best materials to use to either compliment your home, or create a unique addition.

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Patios come in all shapes and sizes, some of which are outlined below:

  • Brick weave patios; modern and most popular - integrating a mixture of colours and generating unique patterns.
  • Courtyard solutions; if you want a more traditional look.
  • Garden paving (larger slabs); durable manmade slabs.
  • Beta setts; ultra-smooth surface ideal for wheelchair users or if you want an area for bikes etc.
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Patio Drainage and Regulations

In 2008 the laws surrounding paving your front garden changed and it is now required that you get planning permission before any such work takes place.

The main reason behind making planning permission a must have, is due to ensuring that water run-off is considered and methods are considered to prevent flooding to public roads and neighbouring houses. However, the rules around planning permission are quite complex - it can be dependent on the materials you choose and the style of your home, for example if you live in a listed building you will definitely need planning permission. But if you don't live in a listed building and you choose certain materials for your driveway you can be exempt from needing permission.

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